Respect the Blue Bomber

Over the past, I’ve been quite disturbed at how underestimated Mega Man is.   I mean, he is called The Super Fighting Robot. What is there to underestimate?! So, this post right here is dedicated to listing down all the impressive things Mega Man has done over the years to show you all that he is more than just another robot with an arm cannon.

Megaman Classic Artwork By Saitokun-exe - Capcom Sound Team / Mega Man Soundtrack (vol. 5)

Megaman Classic Artwork By Saitokun-exe – Capcom Sound Team / Mega Man Soundtrack (vol. 5)

To do this, I’ll be listing down Mega Man’s feats:

  1. Strength
  2. Destructive Force/ Power Output
  3. Speed (both movement and reflex speeds)
  4. Durability

I will also be listing down other factors such as his:

  1. Intelligence/ Experience
  2. Versatility
  3. Arsenal

So now that that’s out of the way, let’s not waste any more time! Let’s do this, “MEGANIZE!!!”


Now, I know that the Super Arm (a weapon used by Guts Man) gives Mega Man the ability to carry large blocks (or beloved Nintendo characters) and throw them around like they’re nothing.

“Mega Man 1 weapon sprites”, by Procyon, licensed under  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

Check out this link of Mega Man carrying Mario here

However, Mega Man doesn’t really need the Super Arm to carry such heavy things. Case in point, the ending cutscene from Mega Man 5.

Go to 3:19 of this video.

That right there is the ending cutscene of Mega Man 5 where Mega Man lifts (based on calculations) a 60,000 Ton portion of Dr.Wily’s collapsing castle. 60,000 TONS OF WEIGHT!!! We know that that’s the upper-limits of Mega Man’s strength because we see him struggling to keep the castle ceiling from falling on him and Dr.Light. He may just be a boy but he is way stronger than any man out there.

Final Strength Feat: 60,000 Tons

Destructive Force/Power Output:

Now destructive force is completely different from strength since Mega Man’s power output comes from his Mega Buster and various weapons and not his fists. So we need to find out the largest thing that Mega Man has destroyed with his weapons. Besides the usual robot cannon fodder & brick walls he blows up with his weapons Mega Man has also defeated many powerful Robot Masters in the past. One of those being Sunstar.

Sunstar has the power and force to destroy planets and stars alike. He is a doomsday weapon after all. And when he self-destructed he managed to blow up the Wily Star, which would need energy equivalent to 7 trillion megatons of TNT. Now Mega Man also fought another powerful robot named Duo, who survived a 2.8 exaton blast.

Image by David Zydd from Pixabay

So we know that Mega Man’s power output is beyond planet busting and is most likely very close to star busting. Since he was able to defeat Duo, he must have output more power than that 2.8 exaton blast. Oh and uh, let’s not forget that his Double Gear System can increase the power of each of his shots and also gives Mega Man a second charge shot.

Final Power Feat:  ≈ 2.8 exatons


Mega Man is no speedster, he is the Blue Bomber not the Blue Blur. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t fast at all. First, let’s start low on the spectrum. Besides his Double Gear System increasing his running speed, Mega Man was able to defeat Elec Man and dodge his electric attacks. Assuming the lighting that Elec Man shoots can travel as fast as normal electricity that means that Mega Man can react to and dodge things moving at 6,706,166.29 miles per hour. 1/100 times the speed of light.

That by itself is already pretty impressive but it’s far from Mega Man’s best feat of speed. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you Quick Man, who according to the Mega Man Mega Mix manga, can move between 2.5 and 4 times the speed of light. And Mega Man was not only capable of dodging him but also keeping up with him and defeating him. That’s also if you get rid of the Time Stopper.

Beat It - Quick Man Mega Man

Beat It – Quick Man Mega Man 2

Now I’m not saying that Mega Man can run at 2.5 times the speed of light.  All I’m saying is that he can react and dodge things moving at that speed which kind of puts his overall movement speed in that FTL (faster than light) zone.

There is one more speed feat I want to talk about but it has more to do with Rush than with Mega Man. In Mega Man V, Rush in his space mode being piloted by Mega Man, was dodging shots from the Wily Star’s cannons that travelled the distance of an entire asteroid belt in 2 seconds.

Let this DeviantArt of Mega Man, Rush and Wily Star by innovator123 blow your mind.

This would mean that Rush would have to be moving at 250 times the speed of light to avoid that shot. And since Mega Man is piloting him this means that he was able to react that fast as well. Now that may sound absurd and even I have some problems trying to believe that feat but if it is true then that means Mega Man can react 250 times FTL and his dog, Rush, can react and move at 250 times FTL.

Final Speed Feat: 2.5 – 250X FTL


Mega Man is a tough nut to crack, even if he only takes a few hits from the robot enemies to die. He has quite a lot of durability feats so strap in because this is going to be a long ride.

First thing’s first, Mega Man has been able to defeat foes whose internal temperatures range between 12,000 degrees Celsius

Video Game Characters I Want As Action Figures By Megarainbowdash2000 - Heat Man Mega

Video Game Characters I Want As Action Figures By Megarainbowdash2000 – Heat Man Mega Man

and absolute 0

Cold Man - Megaman And Bass Cold

Cold Man – Megaman And Bass Cold Man

That by itself is already impressive but Mega Man has far more to offer. Like for example, technically speaking he can survive getting hit by every weapon from every Robot Master he has fought because he has been hit at least once by every one of them. Meaning, he can tank hits from

  • Metal Blades
  • Tribal Blades
  • Thunder Beams
  • Hyper Bombs
  • Napalm Bombs
  • Hard Knuckles
  • Acid Man’s acid shots
  • Atomic Fires & Fire Storms
  • Ice Slashers
  • Slash Man’s Slash Claws

And many, many more. Not only that, Mega Man has also survived the Black Holes made from Saturn and Galaxy Man.

Oh, and one more thing before we move on. Remember Duo, and how he survived a 2.8 exaton blast? Well, before the Mega Man 8 boss fight begins Wily strikes Duo with a laser from his Wily Machine #8. That blast was powerful enough to weaken Duo and Mega Man is able to survive a hit from that same laser blast (granted if the player lets Mega Man get hit). Since Duo is able to survive 2.8 exatons of force, that means that Mega Man survived getting hit by a laser that hurt a robot that can tank 2.8 exatons of force.

Final Durability Feat: ≈ 2.8 exatons


Now we can’t really deduce how smart Mega Man is since, despite being programmed to be a 10 year old boy, he hasn’t taken an IQ test before let alone a standard math quiz. But we can observe his experience from fighting all of the Robot Masters. Mega Man has himself a lot of fighting experience since he has dealt with a wide variety of enemies, even if they are all robots.

He has fought enemies who use ice, like Tundra Man

Enemies who use fire, like Torch Man

Enemies who use lighting, like Fuse Man

Enemies who can stop time, like Flash Man

Enemies that rely on brute strength, like Guts Man

Enemies who are faster than him, like Turbo Man

Enemies who have shields, like Wood Man

And that’s just scratching the surface. He has also defeated his older brother, Proto Man, many times before.

Other powerful Robots that Mega Man has fought and defeated include: Bass & Treble, who were built to specifically rival Mega Man and Rush –

The Mega Man Killers, who were designed specifically to destroy Mega Man, namely: Enker, Punk and Ballade –

Ra Moon, a supercomputer, and Ra Thor, a robot made by Ra Moon to specifically beat Mega Man –

His future self! Quint –

And of course, Dr.Wily –

Image - Megaman Dr Wily

Image – Megaman Dr Wily Png

With all of those battles under his sleeves Mega Man sure does have a lot of experience when it comes to fighting almost any opponent. All of that experience translates to a good amount of intelligence in terms of creating a strategy when fighting new foes.


Mega Man is extremely adept to almost any situation, and that’s thanks to his Copy Ability. This is a special ability that Mega Man has that allows him to scan the DNA of Robot Masters that he has fought and use their weapons to his advantage. As a result, he has a lot of different weapons to use for almost any type of situation. He has weapons to blow up walls, shield himself, stop time and just plain old destroy foes. Mega Man doesn’t just have weapons for tearing through robot butt he also has many different items and companions to help him out.

Need to cross a large chasm full of death spikes?

Magnet Beam, Item-2, Super Arrow or Rush Jet can help you out.

Need to get to an out of reach area?

Item 1, Balloons, Carry or Beat can help you out.

Need to Scale a wall?

Item-3 can help you out.

Need a boost to your jump?

Rush Coil can help you.

Need to cling onto a ceiling?

Use Wire to get up there.

Need to travel underwater?
Rush Marine is here.

Need to travel through space?

Rush Space, definitely.

Need to fly?

Increase your physical strength?

Or both?

Megaman Riding On Rush - Mega Man Rush

Mega Man Riding On Rush – Mega Man Rush Jet

Well Rush has got you covered.

Or do you need to increase your speed and power?
Double Gear System to help you on your way.


Mega Man has a lot and I mean a lot of weapons in his massive arsenal. So I’ll just let you all know that Mega Man has around 110 weapons in total (minus the Street Fighter ones). Here is a list of some of the iconic ones in his series.

Mega Man By Waniramirez - Mega

Mega Man By Waniramirez – Mega Man

Physical Projectiles:

  • Metal Blade
  • Triple Blade
  • Shadow Blade
  • Gyro Attack
  • Hard Knuckle
  • Rolling Cutter
  • Knight Crusher
  • Concrete Shot
  • Wheel Cutter
  • Black Hole Bomb (Mega Man 9)

Piercing Weapons:

  • Ring Boomerang
  • Laser Trident
  • Yamato Spear


  • Hyper Bomb
  • Crash Bomb
  • Drill Bomb
  • Napalm Bomb
  • Flash Bomb

Homing Weapons:

  • Magnet Missile
  • Dive Missile
  • Hornet Chaser
  • Homing Sniper

Floor Travel Weapons:

  • Bubble Lead
  • Plug Ball
  • Search Snake
  • Scramble Thunder


  • Leaf Shield
  • Star Crash
  • Junk Shield
  • Jewel Satellite
  • Mirror Buster

Ricochet Weapons:

  • Gemini Laser
  • Crystal Eye
  • Noise Crush
  • Rebound Striker
  • Bounce Ball

Elemental Weapons:

  • Air Shooter
  • Atomic Fire
  • Pharaoh Shot
  • Water Balloon
  • Thunder Beam
  • Ice Slasher

Close Range Weapons:

  • Slash Claw
  • Fire Sword
  • Top Spin
  • Charge Kick
  • Pile Driver

Full Screen Attacks:

  • Rain Flush
  • Astro Crush
  • Centaur Flash
  • Gravity Hold
  • Tornado Blow
  • Time Stopper
  • Flash Stopper
  • Time Slow
  • Black Hole (Mega Man V)

Death Battle

I just wanna get this out of the way. I really like the ‘Mega Man vs Astro Boy’ Death Battle made by screwattack. I really do. But, I’ve realised that they left out a lot of information on both Mega Man and Astro Boy. So very quickly, here are their new high feats that I managed to find by scouring through the internet.

Astro Boy 2003 4e52cff0aed5a - Astro

Astro Boy 2003 4e52cff0aed5a – Astro Boy

Strength Winner: Astro Boy (It’s 100,000 tons vs 60,000 tons)

Power Winner: Mega Man (Extons>Septillion)

Speed Winner: Mega Man (With Rush Mega Man can move so much faster, like 6x faster)

Durability Winner: Mega Man (Exatons>A dip in the sun)

The Smarter One: Astro Boy(State of the art programming, can translate 60 languages & he can outmatch a robot that modifies planets)

More Experienced: Mega Man (He has fought robots made to specifically kill him and has defeated his future self twice!)

More Versatile: Astro Boy (The scanner is really helpful when fighting new enemies and he can fly without any assistance)

Bigger Arsenal: Mega Man (This one is pretty obvious)

So there, I hope that that was enough to convince you that the name ‘Super Fighting Robot’ isn’t just given to Mega Man for nothing but for a reason. Mega Man truly is the Super Fighting Robot, even outcompeting other robots like Astro Boy.

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