All Might’s all mighty power (My Hero Academia)

Imagine a world, where 80% of the population possess some sort of super power. Whether it’d be something as useless as inflating your face like a balloon or as deadly as producing explosions from your hands. While that world may not exist in real life, fiction has brought such a world to life with a manga/anime series called
‘My Hero Academia’.

In this world these powers are called ‘quirks’. However, not everybody in that world is born with a quirk. One such person is a young boy, aspiring to become a hero. You may have heard of him, Izuku Midoriya (Deku). He’s on the track to become the world’s next ‘Symbol of Peace’ with a quirk that was passed down to him by the previous ‘Symbol of Peace’, Toshinori Yagi, better known as All Might.


Just like Midoriya, Toshinori started off quirkless but wanted to become a pillar that the world could rely on to keep them safe. He got his chance after meeting pro-hero Nana Shimura.
Shimura’s quirk is called ‘One for All’ and has the unique property of being able to be directly passed on to a new user. She saw something special in Toshinori and so passed down her quirk to him, allowing him to eventually become the ‘Symbol of Peace’ he always wanted to be.
Real name: Toshinori Yagi
Hero name: All Might
Age: 49 years old
Weight: 255kg
Former number 1 pro-hero
Teacher at U.A. highschool
Studied in Japan & USA
Trained by Nana Shimura & Gran Torino
Mentor to Izuku Midoriya

With his new power All Might quickly rose to the rank of No. 1 hero. But fame is never what he wanted, he genuinely just wanted to help others. And with such incredible power, how could he not.

While All Might may seem like a powerful and inspiring hero to many living in the ‘My Hero Academia’ universe, to the audience reading and watching the story unfold many opinions on the strength of his powers can be found.
Some think he’s overhyped and weak, others think he’s the real deal. So just how powerful is All Might? That’s what I aim to cover today.

One For All

Before I get into All Might’s power I’m going to quickly explain his quirk. One For All allows the user to stockpile a massive amount of energy, allowing them to enhance their physical strength to beyond superhuman.
This gives the user immense levels of raw power, strength, speed, agility, stamina and durability.
This stockpiled energy can be focused into a single part of the body or spread evenly throughout the user’s body.
The user is also capable of controlling the percentage of power they’re outputting.

All Might can use lower percents against weaker opponents and higher percents against real deal villains or to create massive tornados. Such as with his almighty ‘United States of Smash‘! His last ditch attack pulled from the leftover embers of his quirk.

Next section is going to contain quite a bit of math but I’ll do my best to keep it simple.

Destructive Power

United States of Smash
All Might’s United States of Smash easily created the biggest tornado he’s ever made with a single attack. In order to find the energy output required to create such a tornado we need to first find the volume of the tornado.
We can do this by comparing the size of the tornado to the nearby buildings and using pixel measuring to get accurate measurements.

Image (tornado)
Image (crater)

Let’s assume each building floor has a height of 3 meters.
Using the closest building that isn’t getting sucked up by the tornado I found that 3 meters is equivalent to 6 pixels.

1 pixel = 0.5 meters

The tornado has a diameter of 622 pixels, or 311 meters.
As for the height, tornado is slightly tilted so I’m going to use Pythagoras theorem to find the height of the tornado.
Formula: √height^2 + length^2
Height = 598 pixels
Length = 779 pixels
√ 598^2 + 779^2 = 982 pixels or 491 meters.

This would give the tornado an volume of-
Formula: (Pi x radius^2 ) x height
(Pi x 155.5^2 ) x 491 = 37,298,567.4 meters cube.

In order for winds to create such tornados and hurricanes the surrounding air needs to be at an optimum temperature. The optimum temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. Air density at that temperature is around 1.18kg/m3. Multiplying that value with the volume will give us the weight of the tornado. Which is-
37,298,567.4 x 1.18 = 44,012,309.5kg.

The final step is to take this weight and put it into the formula for kinetic energy to find the energy of the winds, which will give us the energy output for this punch. Since this punch is All Might’s last attack and is him giving it his all I’m going to use the windspeed of the fastest tornado that ever existed. The 1999 Bridge Creek-Moore, which had a wind speed of 135m/s.
Formula: 1/2 x mass x velocity^2
1/2 x 44,012,309.5 x 135^2 = 4.0106217e11 Joules

That’s the equivalent of 96 tons of tnt! That’s 8.7x more powerful than the strongest non-nuclear bomb in the world, “the mother of all bombs”. Which has a yield of 11 tons of tnt.
However, contradictory to what some people would think, despite the United States of Smash being All Might’s final attack it’s not his strongest.

Ever since All Might passed his quirk onto Midoriya his power level has slowly been falling. Prior to this event he suffered a massive injury to his gut from a fight with a villain that also caused a massive drop in his power. This means that the All Might we see in the manga and show isn’t him at full power.
Luckily, we do have a feat that we can use to find just how powerful All Might was at his ‘prime’.

Detroit Smash
Towards the end of MHA season 1 All Might fought a villain named Nomu, and stated that it took 300 hits to defeat him. He then follows that up by saying would’ve defeated Nomu in 5 hits during his prime. This means that All Might at his prime is (300/5=) 60x stronger than he is at the start of the series going off by his own estimations.
We can’t apply this multiplier to the United States of Smash since he performed that attack later on the series, when he has gotten much weaker. We can apply it to another smash attack he does in the 2nd episode of season 1, the ‘Detroit Smash’.

Clip (starts at 17 minutes, ends at 17 minutes and 55 seconds)

All Might’s Detroit Smash was strong enough to create wind currents powerful enough to deliver massive storm clouds above head.
In order to find the energy output of this punch we need to find the kinetic energy required to move the storm clouds. Since the clouds were brought over by a tornado sucking them into the center the formula for this feat should be:
1/4 x mass of storm x speed of which the storm traveled^2

It’s going to be 1/4 this time instead of the standard 1/2 since the wind currents made by the tornado are seem to be pushing the clouds faster at the horizon and slower as they approach the center.
(more info in the sources down below)

The clouds were brought from beyond the horizon, since prior to the smash there were no dark storm clouds at the horizon line. The view shown in that image is form when All Might and Deku were standing on a 7 floor building. (20min 56second mark)
The shot shows us 6 visible floors as well as a potential hidden ground floor that’s not in the frame and is being covered by the tree. This means that the height of this building would’ve been at least 21m. Adding in All Might’s height of 2.2m to it and we get a value of 23.2m.

Putting this value into a horizon distance calculator gives us a distance of 17.2km. So this is our radius.

Cumulonimbus clouds, the most common cloud responsible for rain, can reach heights of up to 12,000 meters and have densities of 0.0005kg/m3.

But we’re not just getting the densities of the clouds, we are also getting the density of the air that was moved around thanks to the air pressure the Detroit Smash created.
The base of cumulonimbus clouds usually rest at 2,000 meters above sea-level. The density of air at this height is 1.007kg/m3.
Adding together the masses of both the clouds and air gives us a mass of-

Mass of Clouds: (Pi x 17,200^2) x 12,000 x 0.0005 = 5,576,452,620kg
Mass of Air: (Pi x 17,200^2) x 12,000 x 1.007 = 11,230,975,600,000kg
Total Mass: 5,576,452,620 + 11,230,975,600,000 = 11,236,552,100,000kg

Now for the velocity. It takes around 10 seconds between All Might panting from finishing the punch to the storm being visible overhead. This means the storm clouds were moved at a speed of-
Formula: Distance/Time = Speed
17,200m / 10s = 1,720m/s.

Putting all of this together gives us a final tally of-
Final Tally:
1/4 x 11,236,552,100,000 x 1,720^2 = 8.31055393e18 Joules
That’s nearly 2 gigatons of tnt (1.98627006 to be exact)! That’s almost 40x more powerful than the strongest nuke we’ve ever created, the 50 megaton Tsar Bomba That’s insane!


(saving the 60x multiplier for the end)
Now for speed. Speed is another thing people tend to underestimate All Might for. In season 3 episode 10 All For One, the main villain of the series, taunts All Might’s speed by stating it took him 30 seconds to travel 5 kilometers.
To be fair to All Might he did delay a bit during that 30 seconds so it actually took less than 30 seconds to cross 5 kilometers. Even so, that translates to a speed of 166.7m/s or 373mph. Again, to be fair that’s still quite fast, faster than the fastest car in the world, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport. Which can move at a speed of 305mph. But this speed is not All Might’s best.

In season 2 episode 24, All Might conducts the practical exam for both Midoriya and his rival Katsuki Bakugo. During the exam the two students are expected to either apprehend All Might or escape. At one point Bakugo attempts to hit All Might with one of his explosions but All Might dodges it.


He dodges this explosion while wearing weights that are supposed to limit his power.
The formula I’ll use will be this one right here.
(distance character moved in m) x (speed of projectile in m/s)/
(distance between projectile and character in m)
This is a standard formula used in many Vsbattle websites.

Step 1, distance moved
What I don’t like about this image is that it doesn’t give us a good indicator to how far All Might moved his body in order to avoid the explosion. So for simplicity’s sake let’s just assume 1 meter.

Step 2, projectile speed
Bakugo’s explosions are specifically stated to be nitroglycerin explosions, which move at speeds of 7,700m/s or 17,224.41mph.

Step 3, distance between explosion source and All Might
We’ll some pixel measuring to do this.
All Might stands 220cm tall, or 785 pixels tall (ignoring his hair).

1 pixel = 0.28025cm (5sf)

All Might’s torso is 220 pixels tall, or 61.655cm tall.

In this image his torso is is 205 pixels tall.

1 pixel = 0.30076cm (5sf)

The distance between him and the Bakugo’s palm is 250 pixels, or 75.19cm. That’s 0.7519 meters.

Putting these values into the formula gives us a speed of-
(1 x 7,700)/0.7519 = 10,241m/s! That’s almost 30x faster than sound!

But we’re not done yet.
Extra stuff
All Might was able to move at these speeds while being weighed down. The weights we wore specifically added an extra 50% of his own body weight to him.
Additionally, in season 4 episode 19, All Might reveals to Midoriya that he never uses 100% of his power when moving. Very likely, he uses around 20% since he revealed this tip to Midoriya after Midoriya learnt to use One For All at 20%.
So that’s two multipliers we need to put this value through.
Multiplier 1: Account for All Might being weighed down
Multiplier 2: All Might at his absolute fastest

Final Tally
For the final tally I’ll list down the numbers for All Might moving with 20% of his power and him moving with 100%.
Casual 20%: 10,241 x 150% = 15,362m/s (45x faster than sound)
Max speed 100%: 15,362 x 5 = 76,810m/s (224x faster than sound)

Final Tally

Now to wrap things up let’s add the multipliers necessary to find out how strong and fast All Might would’ve been in his prime.
As mentioned in the ‘Destructive Power’ section, that multiplier is 60x. This would apply to both All Might’s strength and speed since both of those stats pull from the same energy source.

Final Destructive Power: ~2 x 60 = ~120 gigatons of tnt
Powerful enough to destroy a country like Cuba.
In summary: Large Island Level

Final Speed 20%: 15,362 x 60 = 921,720m/s (2,687x faster than sound). 9x faster than lightning
Final Speed 100%: 76,810 x 60 = 4,608,600m/s (13,436x faster than sound). 47x faster than lightning
In summary: Massively Hypersonic

One last thing
Before I finish this I wanted to try one last thing. All Might states that it took 300 punches to defeat the villain Nomu. However I watched the clip and found that he punched way more than 300 times.


In fact, I counted a total of 2,206 punches. Of course this is a rough estimate and not to be taken seriously, but this is just something I wanted to experiment with for fun.

With this new number that means All Might in his prime is (2,206/5=) 406x stronger than he is at the beginning of the series.
If we use that new multiplier with the feats I calculated we get a grand total power output of-
2 x 406 = 812 gigatons of tnt
Large Island Level (closing the gap to Small Country Level)

20%: 15,362 x 406 = 6,236,972m/s (18,184x faster than sound).
63x faster than lightning!
100%: 76,810 x 406 = 31,184,860m/s (90,918x faster than sound).
317x faster than lightning! 0.1% the speed of light!
New Tier: Massively Hypersonic to Sub-relativistic speeds

Of course, you can choose which ever final tally you feel comfortable with calling ‘fact’. But if one thing remains after all this it’s that it’s no wonder All Might was able to stay as the No. 1 hero for so long and why so many villains cower at the sight of him.
If the world’s most powerful hero could punch thousands of times stronger than multiple nuclear bombs and move faster than lightning than I’d think twice too about committing any crimes.

– Tornado Image:
– Cloud Image:
– Cuba Flag Image:
– Lightning Image:

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