Razor’s storm (Genshin Impact)

So, I’m a very analytical person when it comes to these topics. I like looking at the feats and accomplishments of some of my favorite fictional character’s and analyzing how much effort they exert in order to achieve that feat.

For the past months I have been invested in a game called Genshin Impact. I love the game, it’s everything I could’ve asked for. An open world game where I can do whatever I want but also has a story so it doesn’t feel like I’m playing without a purpose.

Lately I’ve been working on a few things related to Genshin Impact that this is one of them.

You see, there’s a character in the game called Razor and he has this ability where he slashes the ground with an electric claw. As he does this though he simultaneously generates a lightning storm above his head. So, me being the overanalytical and complicated person I am I decided to ask…
How much energy did Razor exerted in order to create that storm?


Before we start our calculation let’s talk about the formula we are going to use.

There’s a formula out there that can be used to calculate the amount of energy needed to create a storm and that formula is the following:

Mass of clouds x Latent heat of condensation for water

Mass of clouds is pretty self-explanatory.
Latent heat of condensation is energy released when water vapor condenses to form liquid droplets.
The value for that is 2,260,000 J/kg.

Now we can do our calculations.


Whilst standing on the highest point in the game, the Skyfrost Nail, Razor storm is seen to be stretching all the way to the horizon line.

According to reddit user matt_surge the Skyfrost Nail is 964m above sea-level. If we were to extract this value and put it into a horzion distance calculator we get a horizon distance of 110,900m.
Using the formula for a circle we can find that the storm covered an area of-

110,900^2 x pi = 38,637,851,100m^2 (38.6 billion)

Now we need to find the vertical thickness of these clouds.
The most likely candidate for these clouds are nimbostratus clouds, which resemble a blanket of dark colored stratus clouds covering the area. These clouds have a density of 0.1g/m^3 or 0.0001kg/m^3. Nimbostratus clouds have a vertical thickness between 2km to 8km. So we’ll use 5km as an average.

That gives us a volume of:
38,637,851,100m^2 x 5km = 193,189,256,000,000m^3 (193 trillion)

As mentioned nimbostratus clouds have a density of 0.001kg/m^3. So plugging that unit into the formula for mass gives us a value of:
193,189,256,000,000m^3 x 0.0001kg/m^3 = 19,318,925,600kg
(193 billion)

Now we can calculate the total energy Razor would’ve needed to generate in order to create such a storm.
Multiplying the mass of the storm by the latent heat of condensation of water gives us an energy output of:

19,318,925,600kg x 2,260,000 J/kg = 43,660,771,900,000,000 Joules
(43.6 quadrillion)

To put it in lame man’s terms that’s 10.4 megatons of tnt!
(10 million tons of tnt)


Razor’s storm is containing energy worth 693x the power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima! He is essentially walking around Teyvat with the strength of a nuclear bomb in his hands!

Here’s a link to NUKEMAP if you want to see how strong that explosion is yourself: https://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/

I’m willing to bet you weren’t expecting a Genshin Impact character to be capable of nuclear bomb level feats.
That’s enough power to grant him City level Attack Potency.

Now that’s how you put respect on a character’s name.
More love to everyone’s favorite wolf boy.

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