Godzilla VS Kong (Battle Analysis) (outdated & misinformation)

After almost 59 years these two legendary monsters are ready to face off once again. In a battle for the ages, where one falls and the other reigns supreme. It’s the ultimate punch-out/slap-fest of 2021! Godzilla: King of the Monsters AndKong: Skull Island Protector These two Alpha Titans will battle it out until one submits… Continue reading Godzilla VS Kong (Battle Analysis) (outdated & misinformation)

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Respect the Blue Bomber

Over the past, I’ve been quite disturbed at how underestimated Mega Man is.   I mean, he is called The Super Fighting Robot. What is there to underestimate?! So, this post right here is dedicated to listing down all the impressive things Mega Man has done over the years to show you all that he is… Continue reading Respect the Blue Bomber

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